World Changers Needed Need Support Next Steps Career Extensions Changing Careers

Need organizational support?

Tailored career development workshops and skills training. Program evaluation and assessment to help you achieve your goals. Strategic planning support, program development and proposal writing. Facilitation of events, retreats and training sessions.

Extending your career?

Identify the right opportunities where you can bring the most value. Package and pitch your experience in a way that avoids the pitfalls of over-qualification. Become conversant with the technology widely used in nonprofits.

A new start?

Map the opportunities for employment in the nonprofit sector and target the ones that are right for you. Understand nonprofit culture, language and approach to take charge of your job search.

Next steps?

Job market analysis. Discover the best career strategy and put the odds in your favour--whether it means making some personal changes, negotiating with your current employer, or looking for a new position.

Nonprofit career building?

Customized support at every stage of the job search process. Options, tools and help with your NGO job search. Professional critique of your job applications, coaching for interviews and salary negotiation.