The big jump: Considering a move to management

The big jump: Considering a move to management


Moving into management is a big jump for many people in the nonprofit sector — and sometimes is not necessarily the right move. We talked with people who recently made that leap as well as career coaches to understand why moving into management isn’t right for everyone, as well as when to consider it and how to successfully make the jump.

Before you say yes…

Everyone knows that cream rises to the top. In the nonprofit sector — as in the rest of the working world — this means that if you’re good at your job, you’ll probably evenutally be offered a promotion into a leadership position of some type.

But saying yes to a promotion is not required. “Many people think that if the offer is there, they have to take it, that we are supposed to climb a career ladder into management. But you need to decide if that is really the path to where you want to go,” says leadership development coach Kathy Archer.

Nancy Ingram, president and lead consultant of Foot in the Door Consulting agrees. “Many people assume the only way to proceed in nonprofit career development is to move upward into management. But the possibilities are actually endless. You need to take time to carefully consider where you get the most job satisfaction. A lot of the people we coach who move into management feel disappointed at being removed from the action of a nonprofit’s work.”

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