A bird in the hand: Whether to take a job or wait for a better offer

A bird in the hand: Whether to take a job or wait for a better offer


It’s a classic dilemma that most job seekers face at least once in their lives: Should I take the job that is offered now or wait for a better one? While it would be nice if there was an easy and accurate Magic-8 Ball answer to the question — it is decidedly so, very doubtful, etc. — there is, unfortunately, rarely a clear or even ‘right’ path to take.

To help job seekers who may find themselves struggling to make this decision, we spoke with career management experts as well as people who have personally wrestled with this question in order to identify strategies to help you solve the dilemma and take action.

It’s a good problem to have.

Nancy Ingram, president of Foot in the Door Consulting observes, “If you are being offered multiple interview opportunities in a relatively short time period, this shows that your job search strategy is working for you and that you have skills and experience that are of value to potential employers.” In other words, if you have a job offer to consider at all, it’s a good problem to have….

Read more of CharityVillage.com’s interview with Nancy Ingram on whether to take a job or wait for a better offer.

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