Can a lack of specialization hurt your career?

Can a lack of specialization hurt your career?

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I have been (thankfully) gainfully employed in international human rights work for the past ten years. The organization I have worked for is closing down over the next year and I am finding it challenging to think about where to start my job search. I have thoroughly enjoyed the work I have done but I now find myself at a career path crossroads where I realize I have become a jack of all trades but master of none in terms of accruing dedicated time and experience in one of the many areas I have worked in.

I am concerned that this lack of specialization could hurt my chances when applying for more senior, mid-career positions. Where should I start my job search?

First of all, take heart – there are increasingly many types of combined positions in the nonprofit sector that require more than one skill set or specialization (e.g. campaigning and communications or research and advocacy positions, etc.) and this trend will likely only continue. However, in order for you to be effective in your job search, you have some important preparatory work to do before you even start thinking about applying…

Read more of Foot in the Door Consulting’s article in’s Career Q&A forum on how a lack of specialization may or may not hurt your career.

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