Career Extension

Career Extension


A person with a long, productive career in nonprofit work who is either not ready to retire or not able to. You may no longer be interested in running it all or a management position, but want more focused work that will be meaningful and use your skills and experience in addition to providing some income. Because of your vast experience, you are encountering some difficulty getting people to see the value of what you can contribute without being written off as overqualified or out of the position’s salary range. You are aware there may be a bias towards hiring younger candidates more familiar with the technology used daily in nonprofit work or who may be perceived to be more affordable. You are also acutely aware that the knowledge, experience and lessons you have learned need to be passed on to the next generation of nonprofit professionals for the continued success of the sector and want to be a part of that transfer of knowledge for the issues you care most deeply about.


Foot in the Door Consulting can help you identify the types of jobs and opportunities you are really interested in and where you can bring the most value. We can also help you package and pitch your experience in a way that will decrease your chances of being screened out as overqualified, too expensive, or out of touch with technology and media used by NGOs.


Getting your foot back in the door with a nonprofit organization


  • Tools to assess your strengths, weaknesses, personality preferences, needs and wants
  • A CV assessment based on an inventory of skills and experience required for different levels and kinds of positions you may be interested in pursuing
  • Support in packaging your application and your pitch in a way that articulates your objectives clearly to decrease the chance of potential misunderstandings in the screening process
  • Skills training and/or strategies for filling any gaps in your experience
  • Customized CV and cover letter review for any new job applications
  • Support and strategies for getting you connected with relevant networks in the areas you are most interested in


Landing the job at a nonprofit organization


  • Interview coaching and practice
  • Coaching and tools for handling interviews, salary and benefit negotiations


Making the nonprofit job work for you


  • Tips and strategies for effectively communicating, building productive relationships and mitigating any misconceptions with your new, possibly younger, employers and coworkers
  • Tools and training to handle and diffuse interpersonal and intergenerational conflict in the workplace


  • An experienced and critical external analysis of your current skills, experience, salary level and benefits
  • A dedicated, confidential and safe space for you to analyze and pinpoint current challenges in your job search and develop strategies to mitigate them
  • Increased competitive edge in your job applications, interviews, salary and benefit negotiations
  • Support and strategies for getting you connected with relevant networks in the areas you are most interested in


We offer a variety of service delivery options to suit every budget. Options include: one on one coaching or group coaching in-person or online, webinars, customized training programs, workshops and courses.


Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop a plan that matches your needs, budget and availability.


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