For Mid-Career Professionals

Career help for Mid-Career Professionals


Someone who has been working successfully in nonprofits for 5 to 15 years.  After you landed your first real nonprofit job, you dug in and showed you were a star. The organization worked to keep you on the payroll and you likely were given increasingly important responsibilities with each year, or one contract led to many new short-term contract opportunities.


You love your work but you are sometimes physically and mentally exhausted by the almost always urgent needs of the people and the issues your organization serves. You also may be looking for a new challenge but may not readily see a lot of opportunity in your organization and are unsure what your next step should be. You may feel that you have very little time to think of the future or enjoy the other areas of your life.  You may be starting to feel stuck in your career and want a little more recognition and compensation for all that you do. You know you need to make time to take stock and evaluate what the next best step is for you and your career before more years slip by or you risk burning out.


Foot in the Door Consulting can help you reflect on and analyze what the next best step is in your career in civil society, social economy, environmental and social justice organizations.  As a highly skilled, dedicated mid-career professional, ensuring your nonprofit work life is not only sustainable but thriving is an investment worth making so you can contribute over the long term.  We can help you strategize for how you can get it—whether it means making some personal changes, negotiating with your current employer, or looking for a new one.



Making your nonprofit job work for you


  • Strategies and tools for having effective, productive discussions with your employer about your career development
  • Coaching and tools for handling performance reviews, salary and benefit negotiations
  • Strategies and training for creating a positive personal framework about your role in an organization and the skills to effectively managing workplace relationships
  • Tools and training to handle and diffuse conflict in the workplace
  • Coaching, tools and strategies to increase your resiliency and personal sustainability over your nonprofit career and / or better deal with uncertainty and change


Taking stock of what you have to offer


  • Tools to assess your strengths, weaknesses, personality preferences, needs and wants for your career path so you can make conscious choices
  • Skills training and/or strategies for filling any gaps in your experience or your current role that the employer is not able to provide (e.g. budgeting, writing, critical thinking, personal development, public speaking)
  • Creation of a customized career plan through analyzing the opportunities available in your existing organizations, the sector, the issues you care most deeply about and the kinds of work that give you the most satisfaction


Positioning yourself competitively for the next step in your career


  • Customized CV and cover letter review for any new job applications
  • Support in packaging and articulating your transferable skills and experience to other issues that will catch a potential employer’s attention
  • Interview coaching & practice
  • Strategies and support for transitioning back to work from parental leave or other leaves of absence
  • Coaching, tools and strategies for helping to manage professional and family responsibilities


  • An experienced and critical external analysis of your current skills, experience, salary level and benefits with your current job and/or any desired job
  • A dedicated, confidential space and time for you to reflect on and make conscious, informed choices about your career path so you can best contribute to the causes you are passionate about
  • Increased competitive edge in your job applications, performance reviews, salary and benefit negotiations
  • Training and/or development of an action plan to help you attain the skills and experience you need to progress in your career


We offer a variety of service delivery options to suit every budget.  Options include: one on one coaching or group coaching in-person or online, webinars, customized training programs, workshops and courses.


Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop a plan that matches your needs, budget and availability.


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