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A staff member of a nonprofit organization in need of short-term support for a specific project or ongoing support for program or people management. You want to work with consultants who “get you” – people who understand the realities of working in an NGO, who are as passionate about making a difference as you are, and who ultimately make your life easier.


Foot in the Door Consulting specializes in supporting nonprofit organizations in Canada and around the world with customized capacity-building and organizational development solutions. We design each step of every project we undertake to serve our clients’ goals. We value participation, transparency and inclusiveness and these are the guiding principles of all our interactions with clients.


Career Development Workshops for Your Interns and/or Volunteers

  • Half-day, full-day or multi-day workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions to help your interns / volunteers leverage their experience with your organization for their next career step. Topics can be tailored. This is a great way to attract and appreciate your loyal supporters!

Program Evaluations

  • External assessments of your programming to help you understand what’s working well, to what extent anticipated results have been achieved, and recommendations for improvement.

Strategic Planning

  • Support to develop and articulate what you want to do and why and the steps for getting there. We facilitate planning sessions, design and implement stakeholder consultations, and package the findings into plans and frameworks your staff will find easy to use.

Skills Training

  • Design and delivery of Results Based Management, proposal writing, monitoring & evaluation, effective communication, and leadership training. All material is customized to the needs of your staff and the context of your particular organization. Training can be delivered in person to groups or individuals, or virtually via our online meeting room.


  • Facilitation of events such as team-building retreats, as well as coaching, training and strategy-building events.

Program Development and Proposal Writing

  • We take your inspiring programming ideas and package them into concept notes, application forms and proposals for donors. We have a strong track record in securing funding from bilateral and multilateral donors, and for short-term and multiyear programs.


  • Working with professionals who thoroughly understand the nonprofit culture and have years of experience working with organizations from all over the world


  • Receiving the most value for your budget from professionals who can operate under different conditions and restraints to deliver tailored services based on your organization’s needs


  • Specialized facilitation of events, evaluations, staff interventions, staff coaching and any other areas based on your organization’s specific needs, designed and implemented by committed professionals


  • We fully appreciate that your human and financial resources are precious and will work hard to ensure your organizational needs are met – proudly standing behind our work with a money-back guarantee


We offer a variety of service delivery options to suit every budget.  Options include: one on one coaching or group coaching in-person or online, webinars, customized training programs & program development, workshops and courses.


Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop a plan that matches your needs, budget and availability.


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