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“A disconnect exists between the way this emerging generation lives and the way most organizations operate. Meaningful cross-generational interaction is lacking in most organizations and this is an important first step to organizational change, succession planning, learning and shaping the next generation of leaders.” Public Policy Forum

We provide a wide range of nonprofit consulting services and training options for employers to help you recruit, manage and optimize the talent of your teams.

Our particular areas of expertise are:

Attracting and recruiting the talent that is right for you

  • Strategies and training for recruiting, training, managing and retaining effective intergenerational teams
  • Myths, realities and strategies for working with Gen Y, Gen X and Boomers
  • Development of job descriptions and advertisements that best reflect the work and expectations of the job
  • Pre-interviewing and screening of potential candidates to assess fit with your organization’s culture and work ethos
  • Candidate testing for personality type (Myers Briggs), approach to conflict (Thomas Kilman Conflict Instrument), interpersonal effectiveness (Firo-B), learning style (Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory) and strengths (Strengths Deployment Inventory)

Optimizing your team

  • Coaching, training and support in team building and development of leadership skills
  • Performance coaching and skill-set training for staff, interns and volunteers
  • Tools and best practices for supporting team members and creating a positive, effective workplace culture where your team feels motivated, valued and energized
  • Coaching, tools and strategies to increase your staff’s resiliency and personal sustainability over their nonprofit career including dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Evaluation and development of and training on systems and processes that better support the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization, such as time management tools, human resource policies, or customized organizational capacity development plans and training programs
  • Training and support for employees returning after leaves or field placements
  • Customized program development and delivery of professional development skills training for staff, interns or volunteers on core competencies required for different positions (e.g. financial management, proposal writing, strategic thinking, handling conflict, communication skills, leadership)
  • Evaluation and needs assessments of current programs, policies and training opportunities

Youth engagement and leadership

  • Customized youth leadership program development and delivery for your volunteers, interns, staff or youth network
  • Development and delivery of customized youth engagement strategies
  • Job search training and customized CV analysis as a professional development incentive for volunteers and interns

Recruiting and training interns

  • Advertising your internship program to get the best applicants
  • Recruiting and screening applicants for eligibility and fit
  • Interviewing and checking references of shortlisted applicants
  • Coordination and facilitation of training and debriefing sessions


  • Development of a customized, competitive retention and benefits package for staff, interns and volunteers to help you protect your investment in your people
  • Human resource support in the training and mentoring of your people that can be adapted to any budget
  • Increased peace of mind and more time to concentrate on the other pressing areas of your organization’s work


We offer a variety of service delivery options to suit every budget. Options include: one-on-one coaching or group coaching in-person or online, webinars, customized training programs and program development, workshops, and courses.


Contact us and we will work with you to develop a plan that matches your needs, budget and availability.


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