Sunny days are here again: How to keep your staff engaged during the summer months

Sunny days are here again: How to keep your staff engaged during the summer months

In a recent article posted on the Charity Village website, Nancy Ingram from Foot in the Door Consulting was part of a panel interviewed on how to inspire and encourage employees to remain productive and engaged during the hot summer months. Occasionally this is a difficult task, but the article provides helpful advice to assist in creating a successful summer work environment. 

After a long, hard winter in most parts of Canada, many people are counting the days until they are able to get away to the lake, the ocean or even just the balcony to savour the season. But the fact that most of us have to come to work for a large part of the summer doesn’t mean that our summer experience has to be squeezed into evenings and holidays. Summer can be a great time for workplaces to change their pace and enjoy the joys of the season — while still getting work done.

Nonprofits can lead the way.

The nonprofit sector has long been progressive and creative about offering rewards beyond financial compensation. For many nonprofits — with the exception of service providers and nonprofits that offer specific summer programs — summer can provide a real opportunity to give back to their staff…

Read more of this article in’s Career Q&A forum to see what Foot in the Door Consulting had to say on this topic!

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