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Word on the Street – Individuals

Word on the Street – Individuals

I got the job!

“Hire Nancy and Christa to review your CV and cover letter and you won’t be disappointed. They reviewed my cover letter and CV, and provided quick, detailed, expert feedback. The resulting application was more concise and a better response to the job description. I got the job!”

Jackie Hansen

Concrete tips for marketing myself to potential employers

Business Woman Avatar“As a recent graduate looking to start a career in the non-profit sector, I found my session with Nancy to be incredibly helpful. She gave me specific feedback on my CV and concrete tips for marketing myself to potential employers. She also provided great advice on how to build my professional network and how to get to where I eventually want to be. Nancy was knowledgeable, helpful and supportive and I got everything out of my meeting with her that I had hoped for, and more. I think this is an excellent service for recent graduates and young professionals.”

Lauren Jutai

I feel inspired and ready to go!

Business Woman Avatar“The information and activities utilized during the workshop have certainly given me the tools needed to have a more effective career development. Throughout the workshop I was able to reflect on what I’ve already done, and based on what was presented, already know the ways in which I can improve. I feel inspired and ready to go!”

Kyla F.
Participant in career development workshop for volunteers and interns at Ecology Ottawa and Nobel Women’s Organization

The foundation for most of my employable skills internationally

“The training I received from Christa as a young professional is essentially the foundation for most of my employable skills internationally. I’m sure I would not be where I am today without the support and training I’ve received from Christa and Nancy because it gave me that little bit extra entering the work world. The confidence and skills I gained from working with Christa and Nancy has allowed me to create my own dream job.

I really appreciate Nancy and Christa’s commitment to helping people get started on their careers; they seem to understand how daunting it can be to move into the nonprofit world and have really helped me navigate the first few years of my career. Plus they are really fun!”

Erin Hunt

I got a better job

Businessman Avatar“The training was very useful for me. I learned a lot about leadership, personal values, personality types, and facing and solving conflicts. Because of this, now I got a better job as a COPE Visitor Centre Operation Manager [Laos]. Thank you very much to Christa McMillin and Nancy Ingram, and to Mines Action Canada that gave me this opportunity.”

Soksai Sengvongkham
Delegate to 2011 Youth Leadership Forum (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) designed and facilitated by Foot in the Door Consulting for Mines Action Canada and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines

I learned the requisite skills

“I first met Christa and Nancy in 2005 when I was recruited to become a Community Ambassador for Mines Action Canada. At the time, I was a recent graduate with a great degree but no experience or job skills to set me apart. Through the training and guidance they provided, I learned the requisite skills and knowledge that are still useful for me in my career today. They each bring years of experience in working with young professionals both internationally and in Canada and have solid and firsthand understandings of how to get ahead in the NGO sector.”

Allison Pytlak

Informative, up-lifting and truly helpful

Business Woman Avatar“As someone trying to figure out ‘what to do next’, I found having a session with Nancy informative, up-lifting, and truly helpful. I would definitely recommend their services to young professionals seeking career advice and feedback.”

Bethany Reed

Provided sound advice

“Nancy Ingram and Christa McMillin have worked and inspired young professionals for many years. They show a sincere passion for providing opportunities for young people to grow and mature into qualified professionals. They know what is needed and they truly appreciate diversity of ideas and opinions. As my mentors in my early years of working in the professional world, they provided sound advice and actively listened to my ideas rather than simply telling me what was right. They allowed me to get to the solutions by guiding my ideas in a space that was always open for discussion and re-evaluation. Their knowledge of the working world and their ability to think outside of the box was a great measure in which I strive to achieve in my own supervision and guidance roles for employees and students. They create a true team by making certain that no one feels that they must do it alone.”

Janis Grychowski

Gave me a sense of direction

Business Woman Avatar“As a young professional looking to make the transition into the non-profit field but unsure where to start and how to “sell myself” to prospective employers, Foot in the Door Consulting played an important role in my career path by giving me a sense of direction and helping me to sharpen my resume and cover letter. Many thanks!


Skills to succeed

“When I was starting out and trying to gain useful professional experience, Christa McMillin and Nancy Ingram provided me with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in the non-profit sector and to achieve my career goals. They were always available to offer advice, both practical and inspiring, on the non-profit field, and to give recommendations on how to make the right decisions in order to successfully direct my career. I certainly would not be where I am today in my career without their support. I owe them so much!”

Sarah Simoneau

Genuine desire to support my job search

Business Woman Avatar“Thank you Nancy for your help with my resume. I found your review thorough, objective and constructive. My meeting with you was inspiring and I felt in you a genuine desire to support my job search efforts. I think that you are serving well our community with the work that you do.”

Hélène Lavoie

What defines a successful applicant

“The workshop on resume/job applications was very useful to me. It provided me with an understanding of what defines a successful applicant from the point of view of an employer (specifically those who review applications and interview applicants). Although some general points were clear to me before this workshop, I found the detailed information very beneficial (e.g. do not list beginner languages). Also, I had opportunities to ask questions and get expert opinions/answers on interview skills and resume writing.”

Rudi Rahbar

Time and money well spent

Business Woman Avatar“Finding Foot in the Door Consulting was one of the best things that could have happened in my job search. Rather than wasting a week revamping my CV based on my ‘best guess’ and maybe miss the mark — I had a coffee meeting, CV review, and walked away with practical advice, concrete recommendations, contacts, and an understanding of how to ‘speak the right language’ with non-profits. Both time and money well spent. Kudos.”

Suzanne Stoltz

Hands-on, results-oriented approach

“Working abroad as an intern with Mines Action Canada (MAC), under the supervision of Christa and Nancy, proved most valuable to the birth of my career in international development. Their pre-departure training program proved beneficial in regards to setting realistic expectations. In particular, the anecdotes shared by them illuminated and illustrated what one should expect, as well as possible other anticipations, while working and living in developing countries. In addition, the tools and coping methods shared proved useful and applicable in my experience while working with MAC and beyond. Overall, thanks to their tailored pre-departure training, I never felt unprepared in the face of issues, situations, and problems that arose in both my personal and professional experience. Even more helpful, I knew that if there was a situation that I was not confident in resolving, Christa and Nancy remained always available to help.”

Tahmineh Janghorban

I have so many practical ideas

Business Woman Avatar“The feedback, suggestions and support was great. I had only recently decided to focus my job search on non-profit exclusively and wasn’t really sure where and how to start. Now I have so many practical ideas, I’m eager to get going.”

Valerie M.

Offer invaluable insight

“Both Nancy and Christa provided valuable support and guidance throughout my internship experience. Having worked extensively in the non-profit sector, they were able to offer invaluable insight into the inner workings of NGOs, hiring processes and ways to market oneself that has helped me to reach my current position overseas within an international NGO. They have both solicited feedback on the internship process and support functions in order to constantly update and improve the experience. Nancy has continued to provide ongoing advice and mentoring for years after my internship, demonstrating her compassion and commitment to assisting young professionals on their development path.

It is only with the assistance and guidance of non-profit professionals such as Nancy and Christa that young professionals, such as myself, can hone their skills and acquire the know-how to advance in this field and achieve their goals.”

Kristin Pristupa

Assisted me tremendously in transitioning from the private sector to the non-profit sector

Business Woman Avatar“From the first email to the end of the coaching session on Skype, I was very happy with the services Foot in the Door Consulting provided. You were both helpful, positive and have a genuine interest and goal in helping your clients succeed, which I very much appreciate! You assisted me tremendously in building up my confidence and knowledge to transition from the private sector to the non-profit sector. I now grasp the tools and skills required to move forward and start my dream career!”

Rebecca Calderone

A positive reality check

Business Woman Avatar“You provided a reliable, effective and professional service. It was a very positive reality check to my ongoing job search! I found that I needed to plan, develop, and implement a strategy to achieve my career goals. Getting Nancy’s perspective (from the employer’s side) on my job application was very valuable, as it brought up issues which have arisen at job interviews in the past, such as my motivations, over-qualifications, right fit with an organization, career path, etc. I will not overlook these issues again!”

Saloie M.

Career advice is spot on

Businessman Avatar“Christa’s career advice and insight is spot on. She is articulate and provided excellent tools for focusing my career search. Christa alerted me to the existence of the Task Force on Financial Literacy–a key resource in my field of interest. Overall, I am very satisfied with the career coaching experience and look forward to working with Christa again.”

Albert Wong

Renewed confidence

Business Woman Avatar“Nancy and Christa were my professional coaches; their webinars were about getting me ready for the workforce. By the end of the workshops, I felt a renewed confidence in going forward with pursuing a career in the not-for-profit sector.”

Chris-Beth Cowie

Helped make decision

Business Woman Avatar“After a session with the Foot in the Door Consulting, I understood what decision I should take to exceed in my career.”

T. Zamir

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